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Unmasking Rogue Capitalism

Realizing the right to land is critical to addressing current interlinked crises. This publication shows the importance of implementing a human rights framework and putting land at the center of public and climate policies.


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Case Studies


People Without Houses

Residents fight against investment funds speculating in the housing market

A Green Desert

The soybean needed to produce meat in Europe destroys El Cerrado, the world's largest tropical savannah
The Philippines

The Age of Evictions

In the Philippines, land reform is not being enforced: the country is seeking to create 100 new cities in the next 25 years and to expand urban areas is beginning to expel peasant communities.
South Africa

The Nature Conservation Fortress

In the name of conservation, human and customary tenure rights are violated

Community Actions


The Development of No-Return

Luxury tourism and infrastructure expansion impacts community's rights and the ecosystem

Land For Peasants

Landless peasants struggle against state-owned sugar company

Participatory Workshop

West Africa

The People’s Caravan

Peasants and civil society across 5 West African countries advocate for agroecology to fight climate change